What game are you currently playing


Buuuut before patch 1.2 I was finishing Assassin's Creed Valhalla, which I seemed to like and dislike in equal measure; hated the treasure hunting and stealth (the latter felt barebones and was neither emphasized nor incentivized) but mostly enjoyed the characters and story.
Playing Cyberpunk 2077 and Shadowrun Hong Kong, found a familiar Jackie in the character Duncan in Shadowrun. But this one is angry all the time and alive till the end if you play it right.
Cyberpunk 2077 and bought today Disco Elysium. Man I'm having so much fun in there. And they are 2 great games to play together. If I'm feeling more action thirsty come back to playing more CP77
personally waiting for NieR:Replica end of the month until than im trying to get my current char to endgame, cause most prob i wont have time for CP77 for a while than ^^
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The Tenants. Bought it yesterday and already played for six hours. It's super fun even though I'm not big on management type games in general. :D

Early Access, but I'm not afraid of that tag especially when a familiar and trusted developer is involved. I can already tell the game is worth the around 15 euro I paid for it, too.
I'm playing The Elder Scrolls SKYRIM at the moment, was going to start a new game with CP77 when they did release the 1.2 patch but i think i will wait tills the first DLC is released before i do that.

I have yet not finished CP77, have just come to the beginning of Act 2 in the game so i want the game be as good as possible before i play to the end i think.
Half-Life Black Mesa atm. It's interesting to experience remade HL after 22 years. Guys responsible for it made enormous work against all odds.
Currently playing Tomb Raider (2013), AC: Origins, Call of Juarez, Crash Bandicoot Nsane Trilogy. Taking a break from CP2077.
Finished with CP2077 for now (got all endings, did everything there is to be done) so I'll give it a rest until something significant happens such as DLC release or another major patch. Just installed Neverwinter Nights Diamond (freebie courtesy of GOG - thanks GOG!), hoping I'll enjoy it as much as I did Baldur's Gate 2.
I'm also, finally, playing the Special Edition version of Enderal. Released weeks later than it was supposed to, because I think they said Valve messed up its review process the first time around. Not that I know what that means.

I can already tell it runs better than the Oldrim version (no surprise there), and of course it also looks even better than the original version. If you own Skyrim SE on Steam Enderal's certainly worth a try as it's not only amazing and AAA quality but also free (being a mod).

PS. Here's a glimpse of what early game is like... even the weakest type of wolves are really scary. But it's fun to be challenged on the default difficulty. Enderal is much, MUCH harder than Skyrim, which I find great. :D
Recently got into S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Anomaly. Its absolutely fucking awesome. Still gotta finish CP2k7 achievements. Those fucking cars, man.
The only thing i'm playing is Cyberpunk - since day 1. Still not bored with it in the slightest, and i want to try at least two other builds before i call it a day and go back to Divinity: Original Sin 2. But i'll jump into CP again the moment DLCs and the next-gen update start rolling in later this year.
Grounded - pretty cool game, fun with friends even if it is in early access.

It makes me wonder, if CDPR had have pushed out CP77 as an early access title, would they have caught as much flak as they have? :think:
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It's all about balance right..?

So, along with The Witness I am also 'playing'...

Drunken Fist
Totally Accurate Beat 'em Up

I knew this was going to be bad & the controls atrocious, but I am & always will be a masochist & a sucker & I really felt I needed to pay eight bucks plus shrapnel to play a beat 'em up as a drunk dude. Hmm...

Dagnabbit though, no option to invert the y-axis!?! Fair dinkum. Even at 0400 in the morning on my way home after a big one I still knew up from down. This bites hard. Reckon it could be up there with E.T. as the worst ever if I decide to persevere.

I still chuckle a little when he falls over for no reason but.
Played Hitman 3 which was fun but short - in retrospective, Cyberpunk wasn't so bad compared to the bore fest out there ;) I don't have much hopes it will get much better, but perhaps the next installations will keep improving on as GTA did.
sadly none games are starting to be the same thing over and over again. to many devs find a recipe and stick with it. which makes games seem same old same old.
also don't like grindy games which lots of game are getting that way which is sad.
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