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Witcher 3 News [LINKS & DISCUSSION]

By not showing imp quest and showing the mechanics,open world,loot,etc just like a tutorial to GIVE the hype!
Their already doing that, and really its more than enough

Dragon age hardly had any story to spoil, regardless keep the experience as pure as possible for your buyers dont conform to the permissiveness of everyone else
Well, as this isn't a discussion about recent articles/news, maybe it's going a little off-topic?
We don't know what's going to come out in the next few weeks, or if any more videos are planned.
ah i guess. it's just that these type of things can create a hive mind like mentality and it bothers me that if this piece of news was from a mainstream series like an elder scrolls or new fallout game, people would be losing their minds from all the hype lol.
Case in point, when Skyrim came out with the news of 300+ hours worth of content there was nothing but good vibes from it. Just saddening to see the CDPR team not receive the same type of reception for arguably harder work they've put in this than any game of the same caliber as of late.
True to the every word you said, some games will got at start - 9 or 10 just cause of name or hype,
never minding slow loading, broken mechanics, bad visuals, bad quests etc...

About Witcher series, maybe it is clunky and not perfect for everyone,
but - amount of love from CDPR and their commitment they put in making (art,assets,music,etc)
is recognized by us who love it and follow it, sometime their ideas don't fulfill all they wanted,
but no one can denied their hard work.
Good luck REDS and hopefully this w3 set a new standard for games to come...
Throughout your adventure, you will experience innocents being victimized, travelers held captive and villagers mobbed by gangs of renegades. At each encounter, you must choose to make a stand or continue on your journey.
The open, living world design has been built around this core of non-linear mechanics meaning any life you encounter may later be revealed to be a key character in a quest, an influential member of a struggling community or perhaps a witch that was being punished for her crimes. While saving a life may appear to be the right thing to do, sparing an evil life may lead to even more unfortunate circumstances. Every decision you make impacts the world around you. late...............BOOM..............ploughing awsome man
Booo, Damien getting people's hopes up.
Thankfully I like their auto camera (At least 90% of the time), so I'm not too annoyed, but it would have been nice to have that control in some instances and especially for those that wanted the closer camera.

Ah well, folk will just have to wait for Mods I guess.
A interview in russian. Seems to be pretty deep, though the google translator sucks, so maybe someone who speaks russian can translate the most important parts

A part was translated by a english website:

"Yes, in the final version, you can not only use the boat to sail but also swim under water, opening up new areas that are inaccessible by land. We especially cut out the content for this presentation so you can focus all your attention on the combat system, monsters and ordinary people living on the mainland. But in fact, we have designed five large islands and about the same number of smaller ones, which we have not yet demonstrated in public. So do not be afraid, in our game you will see a lot of interesting places to explore: ancient ruins, abandoned buildings, caves and much more. We created each of these places in a unique way for the players who want to get there. Some of them will be associated with Geralt’s story, while others just hide behind a lot of secrets. In general, they all carry some meaning. Our team spent a lot of time to recreate the world of Geralt and make it feel alive."

Asked about the role of the emperor:
"I still can not disclose all of the cards, but it will involve a number of interesting missions and yes, he will play a significant role in the plot. Geralt will have to work with him, but it absolutely does not mean that he has to obey his will, much less to agree to play by his rules."

Wait five islands and about the same number of smaller ones? but looking at the maps i can many more that 5 smaller islands?

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BTW my bad mods , i confused both threads. i knew i had asked, its just i though i had forgotten to post it
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The GameSpot guy said the game was gold. I dont know if hes mistaken or Reds just didn't bother to announce it.
They probably mistook certification with gold, that said AFAIK it takes about 4-5 weeks for the 'Gold' process right upto discs on shelves so I imagine they'll start soon enough.
People who are unfamiliar with the series seem to think that there has to be fetch quests to make 200 hours of gameplay, but they do not know Geralt and how he operates. Fetch quest in Witcher is going to go down like this:

NPC: Can you fetch a package for me, master Witcher ?

Geralt: Do I look like a dog to you. Dogs fetch people stuff. I'm a Witcher, I make trouble go away.

NPC: But I must insist ...

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