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Best armor sets(aesthetically)



Best armor sets(aesthetically)

Which armor sets do you find the most beautiful?Here is my list:
1.Mastercrafted Witcher School
2.Kaer Mohren
3.Legendary Viper school
4.Mastercrafted Ursine school
5.Mastercrafted Feline school
6.Temerian set
7.Skellige set


For me it's Mastercrafted Wolven Gear. (But secretly I would love to have Lamberts Armor) I like that jacket soooo much.
I think Lambert's jacket is a reskin of a set of armor found in TW 2.

I like the Wolven set, except for the cropping issues whenever Geralt turns his head. Just immersion breaking.

Skellige armor is nice, the best of the bunch. But I always have to mod it to medium armor.


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Viper set is the best looking in the game
its very strong in terms of stats and looks very close to the "killing monsters" / Night to remember" trailers

also there is a new wallpaper in the offical website where geralt holds 3 heads (not sure which monsters) and the viper set looks exactly the same


1. Legendary Viper 2. Skellige 3. MC Wolven armor. Other notable mentions are Order of flaming rose, MC Cat gear and Ursine.


Another one I forgot about, even though it doesn't give much protection is the ornate robe armor you get in HOS. Aesthetically awesome robe!


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1. Superior Ursine set except for the gauntlets which I like at enhanced. Best armor in video games ever.
2. Legendary Viper Set. Its Even better with a retexture mod which has the scaly bits from the legendary viper gear but adds bits of the kaer morhen gear in the right places.
Ranking the rest is too difficult. I do like the Undvik gear when playing in Skellige. Feels right there, you know. I do also like the mastercrafted feline set and the Termerian set.
I also like to combine enhanced or lower feline gauntlets and trousers with enhanced or higher level feline boots and kaer morhen armor or any level of wolven armor(mastercrafted best). I usually keep this setup until I reach L20 when I can wear the base Ursine set, also a nice set.
I absolutely hate the Griffin set. In fact, I call it the gigollo school armor. Ugh. Where did they get this design.
Yes, I do like lamberts jacket. There were similar jackets in Witcher 2. I hoped they'd include those in Witcher 3 but unfortunately they didn't.
I don't care at all about an armors stats if it doesn't look good.


1. Temerian Armor
2. Superior Wolven Set with Order Of The Flaming Rose Gauntlets
3. Superior Cat School Set
4. Normal Cat School Set
5. Mastercrafted Cat School Set
6. DLC Nifgaardien Set
7. Viper Set
8. Kaer Morhen Armor
9. Mastercrafted Ursine Set
10. New Moon Set


1. Feline armor (enhances, superior or mastercrafted)
2. Temerian chest armor
3. plain white shirt
4. Skellige chest armors of all sorts (light armor type only)

- Hunter, Assassin, Tracker style > feline gloves

- feline trousers, all sorts
- cavallery trousers are kinda nice
- NOT the assassin trousers, yikes.

I don't care much about boots. Feline boots are nice, cavallery boots are nice, any light armor boots are probably nice enough.


That's a pretty sweet looking set!

Personally I like the
New Moon armor
DLC Nifgaardien Set
Temerian armor

Oh and how could you not care for boots? Have you seen the alder folk boots? they're stunning! I just wish there was a compatible chest piece for it.


I would like to see more W2 style armor in the game, at least the cool ones, and some with hoods like in TW2.
I admit that I didn't really like TW2 style hoods once, way back when, because they looked kinda silly, but now.. I miss those, cuz it's so damn witcher, no one else has hoodies like that in games, no one. Please bring that shit back devs!! Anyways.. I like all the same W3 sets you guys & gals like, maybe they can add new "masks/helmets" too.. a skull one might be kool, who knows. Also.. I do like the olive green,tan,brown colors in a set, they kinda remind me of those classic RPG's I played in my youth. Blah,blah,blah.. SO, when do we ALL get to play BLOOD AND WINE??
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0. Zirael armor

lol, just kidding :D

1. Mastercrafted feline
2. Mastercrafted wolf
3. Undvik set
4. Armor from Hindarsfjal
5. Flaming Rose armor set
6. Mastercrafted Ursine set
7. Full moon set
8. Ofiri set
9. Viper set
10. Kaer Morhen set